Epic Party Theatre was birthed as a result of PlayGround’s Innovator Incubator initiative. The program is a “multi-year intensive incubation program to support theatrical innovation and the launch of new innovative theatrical production companies. PlayGround will competitively select up to 6 projects/teams per year, providing each with access to a suite of services and resources in support of their initial development, first production, and strategic plan for post-incubation sustainability”.




We are committed to producing new, wildly ambitious, and genre-defying theatrical events created by and for people of color. We strive to showcase, celebrate, and support uniquely gifted local and nationally recognized artists of color.

We aim to provide:

  • Our audiences with low-cost ticket prices and high-quality entertainment.

  • Our hard-working artists with a modest payment for their contributions

  • Entertainment that reflects our audiences’ identities, communities, and values




We are a family of artists who identify as POC (people of color) and aim to create exceptionally memorable and hyper-theatrical presentations that resemble one of the craziest, dare we say, EPIC parties you have ever attended. We are actively negotiating how to expand the boundaries of what a play can be and ensuring that we do not distance or demean the audience, but rather invite them to join the party.

We seek to highlight stories that actively resist a homogenous, normative narrative. In other words, we are eager to celebrate feminism, queerness, body positivity, cultural pride, and gender identity.

We actively seek to dismantle the inherent elitist nature of the theater and entertainment industry. Our theater is a theater for all.

As an entirely POC-identified producing team, we seek to create a unique space where artists of color will always be prioritized, nurtured, and factored into all aspects of our creative conversations.

Rules of Engagement



One of our all-time favorite playwrights, Dominique Morisseau, has issued her own "Playwright’s Rules of Engagement” in response to others critiquing her engagement with theater. At all Epic Party Theatre productions, we completely support these rules:

“You are allowed to laugh audibly.

You are allowed to have audible moments of reaction and response.

My work requires a few ‘um hmms’ and ‘uhn uhnns’ should you need to use them. Just maybe in moderation. Only when you really need to vocalize.

This can be church for some of us, and testifying is allowed.

This is also live theatre and the actors need you to engage with them, not distract them or thwart their performance.

Please be an audience member that joins with others and allows a bit of breathing room. Exhale together. Laugh together. Say ‘amen’ should you need to.

This is community. Let’s go.

—Dominique Morisseau, playwright”