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All My Friends Are Depressed! With Tiny Baruch!

Written, Performed, and Illustrated


Baruch Porras-Hernandez

Directed by Richard A. Mosqueda

In this solo show, written, performed and illustrated by Baruch Porras Hernandez we see the world through the small black doodled eyes of Tiny Baruch a small yet mighty, sassy, and optimistic drawing version of the local writer, performer, and stand up comedian. Since Tiny Baruch debut on bigger Baruch’s Instagram page, the comic has made people laugh, cry, find moments of joy and small blessings in a world that seems to be getting darker and darker for queers, immigrants, and people of color.


This show will take you through a visual journey, with illustrations, comics, storytelling, stand up, and singing on how to survive without losing your mind from resistance fatigue. Tiny Baruch reminds us "DONUT GIVE UP!", and eat all the donuts you want!

Baruch Porras Hernandez is the author of the small poetry collections "Lovers of the Deep Fried Circle" and "I Miss You, Delicate" both with Sibling Rivalry Press, and recently toured with the Sister Spit Queer poetry tour in 2019. He has performed in shows at CounterPulse, Brava Theatre, Oasis, and many more. In 2017 his solo show “Love in the Time of Pinatas” was part of the National Queer Arts Festival and sold out Brava Theatre’s studio theatre. He’s been featured in Writers with Drinks, Queer Rebels, has performed with Radar Productions, LitQuake, and Quiet Lightning. He is the head organizer of ¿Donde Esta Mi Gente? a Latinx literary performance series, he is an immigrant originally from Mexico, and is currently the lead artist in a multidisciplinary project that is creating new Queer Latino comic book Superheroes with MACLA, (Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana) in San Jose. He has performed all over North America and lives in San Francisco

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Epic Party Theatre’s All My Friends Are Depressed! With Tiny Baruch! will be presented at PlayGround’s inaugural Innovators Showcase on August 24th, 3pm at Potrero Stage. For more information, visit http:///playground-sf.org/incubator.